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PJSC Tantal

Russian Federation

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PJSC "Tantal" is a research and production holding company that designs and manufactures modern devices, systems and equipment. The holding structure includes more than 20 companies. PJSC "Tantalus" is located in Saratov. The main activities of the enterprise are ultra-frequency technology, tool production, high-precision machining of metal, precision equipment and interferometric devices, components for electronic equipment, equipment for the production of PVC structures, etc. The products of Tantal PJSC are used in the aerospace industry, the military-space complex mastering new energy-saving and import-substituting technologies. The company's employees are 4 professors, 7 doctors of sciences, 26 candidates of sciences, as well as more than 30 young specialists.
Lyashenko Alexander Viktorovich - 2.35% CJSC "Tantronics" - 69.5% Other - 28.15%

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Previous close, ₽ 7.45

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Day’s range, ₽ 7 (-6.04%)

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- 7.95 (+6.71%)

К ценам дневного диапазона прошлого дня

52W Range, ₽ 7 - 7.95
Market Cap, mln. ₽ 104.32 Volume P/E (TTM) Online -0.52 P/S (TTM) Online 1.9


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News  • 
Тантал опубликовал отчет РСБУ за 2019 г.

Отчет Тантал по РСБУ за 2019 г.
Чистый убыток за 2019 г. составил -200.00 млн. RUB, что на 400.00% больше, чем за предшествующий год ( за 2018 г. составил -40.00 млн. RUB) ...

News  • 
Тантал опубликовал отчет РСБУ за 2018 г.

Отчет Тантал по РСБУ за 2018 г.
Чистый убыток за 2018 г. составил -40.00 млн. RUB.
Выручка за 2018 г. составила 759.00 млн. RUB.
EBITDA за 2018 г. составила 396.0 ...